Using Multimodal Interfaces in App GUI: A Fusion of Visuals and Voice

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Apps are now inseparable parts of our everyday life. From entertainment and communication to work and education, there are plenty of applications for everything. Since there are so many of alike apps and limited fishes to catch, the competition is pretty high.

A study by the top website designing companies in USA, concludes that GUI is the leading factor that affects the overall user experience. Graphical User Interface works as a communication bridge between the app and human. The stronger the bridge, the more solid the relationship.

Running a business, whether offline or online, is all about staying a step ahead of your competition. Right now, visual-based GUI is omnipresent. Hence, next step will be using multi-modal interfaces.

That means, combining other elements such as voice with your GUI will likely have more positive effect on user engagement. This article describes how multi-modal interface, especially the voice one, will change the future of various industry along with its limitations on times. Here you go:


The Relationship of GUI with Human Sensors

There are five senses helping us absorb the most information from our surroundings. 94% of that information comes from our sight and hearing. Our brain processes what we see followed by what we hear.

While visual details catch our eyes and the brain most, we can’t underestimate the importance of voice conversation. Imagine ordering food online. It’s way more convenient to order via a phone call than to open up the website, scroll down all the details, offers, and menu, and then check out.

However, not in all cases, verbal communication is enough. For instance, looking for an outfit in a cloth store. You won’t buy until you see it first. The sum up? Only voice or only visual interfaces wouldn’t do a good job in all cases. However, if you consider combining both, the results can be outstanding.


Why Multi-modal Approach is Better: Processing Vs Reaction

According to a study, human brain’s processing and reaction are not same to each sense. While we process visual elements such as images really fast, our reaction time to sound is better than to visuals. Hence, by combining voice and visual elements in your project, you can trigger people’s processing and reaction together.

Industries to Be Affected by Multi-Modal Interface

1. Advanced Chatbots

Chatbots have leveled up from being text-based interfaces to visually interactive communication platforms. Now, you can swipe through in-chatbox options, scroll through sliders, and check through the cards to compare one service with another.

Moreover, you can go a further advanced step by letting your customers check the mini version of apps developed by you in their chat box.


2. Self-Driving Cars

Cars are experiencing revolutionary enhancements in the technology landscape. They are getting packed with several advanced visual elements. But, you don’t want to stick your eyes to the LED interface of your next-gen car. That’s where voice commands and instructions come handy just like how Google map provides you the instructions.


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