Phishing Explained: What is it and what are the Best Ways to Shield?

Everything has its own list of advantages and disadvantages. Nothing is flawless. As the internet has made our lives easier and brought far-flung services and products to our fingers, it has also provided another path to wrongdoers to steal from others without breaking into.

Phishing today is on its all time high. And unless you don’t want to get struck by unwelcoming arrows of hackers dipped with phishing venom, you might want to take preventive measures without further ado.

Renowned Joomla web development companies in USA have recently conducted a nationwide study and found that the initiation point of more than 90% phishing attacks is emails through unknown senders.

The way evil minded scammers used to thug people’s private information, hijack their identity, and swipe their bank account out a half decade ago, has been completely changed. “You have won a Samsung lottery, claim your prize by filling out the following (bank account) information” is no longer the indication of how phishing emails go now.

Scammers have sharpened their weapons and made them stealth, hence, you should repair your shield as well. Here are some of the today’s most undetected phishing schemes hackers use:

  1. Fake Job Offer

Most desperate people are always the most vulnerable ones. Hence, long-term job seekers are often targeted. When someone in a dire need of employment finds a job-offering email, it feels like a pile of fortune.

The email usually contains an application that you would be asked to run in order to apply. As you click on the run button, your PC will get infected.

2. The Angry Customer

These types of fraudulent emails are often created to target businesses instead of an individual. The email would appear like from an angry customer extremely unsatisfied by one of your product and service.

It will contain an invoice file and the sender would ask you to open it to check. The file contains malware. Hence, Joomla web development services should check your customer records before opening such files.

3. Links from a Friend’s Social Media Account

We blindly trust the people we know. And hackers know this phenomenon well. Additionally, they exploit it to the highest level by sending malicious links from your friend’s social media account which they already have hacked. Hence, if a link appears spammy, ask your friend outside of social media if it was from him.

Just a bit of caution along with right knowledge and strategies could staggeringly help you keep your account balance, private information, and identity safe.

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