Persuasive Web Design and Its Significance in Conversions

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If we want to sum up all our marketing efforts, design and development activities, and hard work to a single goal, it’s – profit. And it comes from customers, more from loyal clientele than the buy and never come back ones.
Hence, every business, including Joomla web development companies in USA, focus on turning service seekers into permanent customers. Persuasive web design is a proven way to beautifully carry out the hardest part of this transformation journey for you.

A persuasive design helps a wanderer i.e. a first-time visitor to buy something off your website, or contact your staff regarding a service. It catches the customer’s ball (their attention) and throws it in your hand. Now it all depends on your services, the quality of your product, and your supporting staff that how well they handle it.

Facts About Conversion Rates

With keeping millions of online businesses in mind, the average conversion rate is 2.3%. The conversion rate is the percentage of how many visitors actually avail your services. Studies suggest that businesses that opted for persuasive web design, received more than 3% conversions.

How Human Brain Works

Eyes are the most sensitive sense organ of a human body. We possess visuals 50 times faster than text. Moreover, it takes on seconds to comprehend and understand an image in contrast to minutes of time required in reading out a text.

Clarity of Vision

What you want to offer to your clients should be appearing clearly. If you your image or design is simple and clear, then don’t make the text complicated. The text and image content should be simple enough so it conveys a clear message to your audience.

Reflect Your Brand

The design you use should instantly speak up about your brand. For instance, if you are all about fruits, don’t demonstrate sweets in your design. Highlight your brand, your products, your services and the benefits your customers will get with your over your competitors.

The significance of a persuasive web design for your Joomla web development company can’t be avoided. It possesses the power to turn your visits into conversions, and visitors into leads.

You might have noticed that average business website of similar niche, possess similar web design. There’s usually nothing new or exciting to distinguish among them. Hence, having a persuasive copy is nothing like creating another replica of what is already present there. It is about maintaining a balance between simplicity, strategy, and creativity.

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