Knowledge Points by Dr Devicharan Shetty (DC Shetty) on Intraosseous Schwannoma

As all of us know that young children are the future of the nation and they will not be there will be no future and the nation will never become fully developed and its growth will also stop. So, for this Dr DeviCharan Shetty with his fellow members Ajay Kumar Bansal, Ruchi Bindal and Mahima Dua took this initiative to do a research in medical industry related to the occurrence of intraosseous schwannoma in young children as it is one of the diseases that occurs mainly in children. By the study done by all the researchers it was found that Schwannoma is a benign, perineuraltumour that arises from the Schwann cells. Most of the cases that are reported till now are from the head and the neck region.

Schwannoma is the benign tumour that is derived from peripheral nerve sheath. According to the study reports it is one of the rare and benign neural tumour that arises from the neural sheath Schwann cells of peripheral, autonomic and cranial nerves. This can also be arise from any of the nerve covered with a Schwann cell sheath that includes the cranial nerves, the autonomic nerves and also the spinal nerves. The origination of these cells is one of the most debatable topic. There are different answers from everyone, some say that these cell arise directly from neural tube whereas other say that the main origination of these cells are from the neural crest. Dr Devi Chraran Shetty research work that he has done till now has also helped to find out the main origination of these cells.

Dr DC Shetty case report Intraosseous Schwannoma

As per the study, two types of the Schwann are found i.e. Central Schwannoma and peripheral schwannoma that are located in the bone or may be in the soft tissues respectively. Mostly cases that are reported till and examined originate from the neck and head region. And from all these 1-2% occurs intraorally. The case study on which Dr DC Shetty worked in that the tumour was intraosseous suspected and also it was found that it has close association of its origin with the mental nerve. According to the literature there were total 44 reports of the 44 cases of intrabony neurilemmomas that occurs mostly in the jaws. This disease occurs mainly in the age of 8-72 years and with the average age of 34 years. This was the reason that Dr DC Shetty and his team decided to work on this study and find out all the important aspects of this disease. His research work was very helpful for moving ahead further to find out the methods to cure this type of diseases.

Schwannoma cannot be discarded while observing the tumour in oral cavity. As Schwannoma can have the far reaching immense complications if it involves a nerve or malignant transformation may take place on leaving it untreated. For this a definitive preoperative diagnosis need to be carried out with anatomopathologic and also biopsy study. A rare case of the intraosseous schwannoma in an 8 year old male patient was studied for the research work. The research was carried out by Dr DC Shetty and all his fellow mates and which was a breakthrough in medical science.

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