Commonly Used Programming Languages in Website development

web development companyEvery business needs a website to increase business revenue and to maintain a standard relationship with the customers. There are so many Website Designing Services available in the market that claim to develop the best websites.

These development companies have a team of professional developers that are trained on all the programming languages. So, today we are going to see a bit deeper side the programming languages.

Programming languages make developers work easy and add functionality to the websites or apps designs. We have always heard about these languages but never got to know, how these languages work and help developers to create such amazing designs.

Websites and apps demand keeps on increasing because people find it very easy and interesting way to interact with so many customers. Let’s find out what are the main programming languages of website development and how they work.


PHP is one of the best programming languages used by most of the developers. It is mainly known for the server-side scripting which is helpful in collecting data and generating content. PHP is also used in command line scripting. With PHP parser you can run the programmes without any server or browser.

PHP can help you in writing desktop applications because it is the best programming language to create a desktop application. PHP is good for frontend and backend functionalities that helps in repeated server tasks. It is an easy programming language that is mostly used for startup business websites and ecommerce websites.


This language was developed long back and from then it keeps developing. It is called the high standard programming language in the website development all over the world. JavaScript is the classy platform to design any website because this programming language is the oldest one and it is an object-oriented language.

It was earlier invented for interactive television however, it was later switched to the particular industry that is website development. Today you will get all the developers easily like PHP developers, HTML developers, and other developers as well but, not JavaScript developers because it is the toughest language to learn.

Although Website Designing Services provide the best support for all kind of websites in any language, they also have a shortage of JavaScript Developers hence the JavaScript support is quite costly than other languages support.


HTML5 is the latest version of Hypertext Markup Language which describes web pages. It is divided into three parts the first one is HTML, which provides the structure, second is CSS which takes care of presentation and third is JavaScript, which makes things happen.

Other programming languages are incomplete without HTML because other programmings languages can’t reach the level that they have reached today without HTML. It is known as a scripting language, not a programming language but HTML always counted under the programming list because of its coding.

These are the commonly used programming languages in the website development. If you wish to create your website then you first need to understand the development requirement that what kind of programming language will be required for your website. This article will help you in the selection of the best language for your website because it will guide you with a quick introduction of main programming languages.

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