Apple App Store vs Google Play Store

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Smartphones are trending and getting smarter with the latest features or innovations. The more advanced features are getting added, the more smartphones market is growing and expanding. However, only smartphones are not expanding, Mobile App Development Companies in USA are also expanding with it.

It is impossible to talk about smartphones and not to talk about Apple or Google because they are the two big trending brands of smartphones. We can even say that these two are running the smartphone’s market with their operating systems, devices and app stores.

Google has its Android phone with Google play store and Apple has its iPhone with Apple play store which is also known as iTunes. Both the stores have quite similar functionalities as both of them offer apps, music, videos and so on. But, there are several differences among their features and apps which we will find out here.

It is quite tricky to differentiate among these two because both are huge and on the reputed positions in the market. Apple and Google are considered as the most popular giants of the smartphone’s market and people are so crazy about their devices.

Both of them have more than 2 million mobile apps on their play stores now but there is a big history behind their achievements and we will check out that as well.

Apple launched iPhone play store in 2008 with only 500 apps and now it covers more than 2 million mobile apps. If we look at the yearly growth of the mobile apps on the Apple app store, it is somewhere around 60% which is still increasing. So, for now, the growth rate of Apple app store applications is 60% yearly.

On the other hand, Google launched the Google app store in 2008 with a few apps but these few numbers soon converted into huge numbers. Google later decided to merge its services with Google Music and Google eBookstore which was a great step.

Google has now more apps in the Google app store than Apple and it also gets more app downloads than Apple.

Being the owner of the best search engine Google app store provides the best efficiency to the google play store apps.

Google is not that famous to maintain the standard apps in the Google app store as iPhone. It has several low-quality apps in the Google app store.

The iPhone App Store runs in cellular networks and Wi-Fi which makes it accessible from everywhere. iPhone app store allows you to download any application instantly however you get a choice whether to install a paid app or a free app.

iPhone users don’t mind paying for the apps as they trust the iPhone apps quality.

iPhone app store updates the user’s about the latest updates on regular basis.

iPhone app store is very choosy in terms of app selection and it doesn’t pick any app just for the sake of picking an app. It has several criteria to pick up an app for the iPhone app store.

Therefore Apple is very sure about their service quality and it is popular to provide the best quality gaming and entertainment apps.

This increasing demand of mobile apps is developing the Mobile App Development Services business.

So this was just a rough comparison between iPhone play store and Google play store. Although both the play stores are the best at their place but, it doesn’t mean that they are error free. They do have some bugs but they are equally important and popular hence we can’t guide you with the best name among them. It’s your wish which platform you choose to download apps.

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