6 Standout Web Designing and Development Blog You Must Follow in 2017

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Technology has made everything moving rapidly. Everything is transforming to a whole new shape and the world of web development and designing is not unattached to it. If you do want you Drupal web development company in USA to stay on the top of the pile of the heap, you might want to follow some of the brilliant programming minds.


In this article, we have enlisted the most happening blogs in the niche of development and designing you should be following right away:


1. CodeBetter

CodeBetter is stuffed with technical reviews on the conventional development and coding techniques. It suggests that a developer should aim to build up activities instead of turning them down.


2. A List Apart

This blog is dedicated to website design, development, and content management system. A large number of brilliant coders and authors are there to help you with any question that arises in your mind. The blogs are easy-to-comprehend and not so much technical.


3. Superherojs

As appears from the name, Superherojs is dedicated to JavaScript tutorials. Be it articles or informative videos, this blog is resource rich in both. There is almost a new post every other day, so you won’t be missing on the latest happenings and common JavaScript mistakes.


4. CSS Tricks

CSS empowers the process of web designing. And this blog will empower the web designer in you through countless articles on CSS as well as on other technologies. Most of the articles are written by Chris Coyier which you will find contributions by other authors as well.


5. Scott Hanselman

Scott is both a coder with a passion for writing. He uses his Microsoft programming expertise and writing competence to help the new and aspiring web developers. His focus primarily resides on how the technological advancements are affecting the world.


6. UXMyths

UXMyths lets the UX designers know about the prevailing myths in the terrain of design and enlightens them on how to replace myths with facts i.e. bad designs with good. Certainly a great resource for top Drupal website design companies in USA.


These six stunning blogs will assuredly help you with your future web development and designing projects. If you want to contribute there as a guest, you might do just that. It’s a great way to help new programmers.

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Commonly Used Programming Languages in Website development

web development companyEvery business needs a website to increase business revenue and to maintain a standard relationship with the customers. There are so many Website Designing Services available in the market that claim to develop the best websites.

These development companies have a team of professional developers that are trained on all the programming languages. So, today we are going to see a bit deeper side the programming languages.

Programming languages make developers work easy and add functionality to the websites or apps designs. We have always heard about these languages but never got to know, how these languages work and help developers to create such amazing designs.

Websites and apps demand keeps on increasing because people find it very easy and interesting way to interact with so many customers. Let’s find out what are the main programming languages of website development and how they work.


PHP is one of the best programming languages used by most of the developers. It is mainly known for the server-side scripting which is helpful in collecting data and generating content. PHP is also used in command line scripting. With PHP parser you can run the programmes without any server or browser.

PHP can help you in writing desktop applications because it is the best programming language to create a desktop application. PHP is good for frontend and backend functionalities that helps in repeated server tasks. It is an easy programming language that is mostly used for startup business websites and ecommerce websites.


This language was developed long back and from then it keeps developing. It is called the high standard programming language in the website development all over the world. JavaScript is the classy platform to design any website because this programming language is the oldest one and it is an object-oriented language.

It was earlier invented for interactive television however, it was later switched to the particular industry that is website development. Today you will get all the developers easily like PHP developers, HTML developers, and other developers as well but, not JavaScript developers because it is the toughest language to learn.

Although Website Designing Services provide the best support for all kind of websites in any language, they also have a shortage of JavaScript Developers hence the JavaScript support is quite costly than other languages support.


HTML5 is the latest version of Hypertext Markup Language which describes web pages. It is divided into three parts the first one is HTML, which provides the structure, second is CSS which takes care of presentation and third is JavaScript, which makes things happen.

Other programming languages are incomplete without HTML because other programmings languages can’t reach the level that they have reached today without HTML. It is known as a scripting language, not a programming language but HTML always counted under the programming list because of its coding.

These are the commonly used programming languages in the website development. If you wish to create your website then you first need to understand the development requirement that what kind of programming language will be required for your website. This article will help you in the selection of the best language for your website because it will guide you with a quick introduction of main programming languages.

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Drupal Development Services in India

Drupal Web Development Company

Drupal is a famous CMS (content administration framework) and a most loved device for making dynamic sites for web engineers. Clients, then again, are favored to have top of the line highlights of Drupal sites. Drupal is an open source stage, which is composed in PHP. This component opens a wide door for outsourcing. Hence, Drupal web development company have turned into an exceptionally mainstream slant in web advancement industry. India, a nation that is honored with programming aptitude, is one of the main nations in this improvement.

Drupal advancement benefits in India have encountered a quick development in the recent years. Be it for the taking off ubiquity of Drupal as a CMS or expanding furor of outsourcing, Indian organizations have grasped this improvement and are putting forth experienced and gifted web designers and developers for supporting the headway.

There are number of programming endeavors and also offices, which are committed completely on outsourced Drupal ventures. Given underneath are a portion of the reasons why Drupal advancement in India is such a major hit:

India has devoted gatherings of PHP engineers who offer help for the upgradation and administration of sites. Drupal is an open source CMS, which enables engineers to alter and change the code as indicated by the needs and needs of the venture.

As specified before, India is one of the main countries with regards to outsource web advancement. Since Drupal is composed in PHP programming dialect, changing, including, erasing, or altering Drupal modules are simple for the web designers.

With the development of seaward programming improvement, numerous little and moderate size Indian organizations are developing and creating. There is a gigantic extension for improvement with Drupal advancement benefits in India, since the stage is upheld by a wide group of clients. Drupal advancement has a brilliant future and Indian undertakings are procuring high benefits on these improvements.

Drupal sites bolster an extensive variety of working frameworks, for example, Solaris, Linux, Windows, BSD, Mac OSX and so forth. This element enables tremendous offices for the designers to make great sites.

Drupal advancement is exceptionally practical. Since it is a free CMS, there is no authorizing expense included. This enables little organizations to attempt their hands in Drupal advancement in India. All you need is a sound learning of PHP and MySQL, and you can make dynamic sites.

An extensive variety of activities can be secured by Drupal web improvement. Upheld by gifted and submitted human asset, Drupal web development services benefits in India are interested in acknowledge any test to give the best to their customers. Additionally, it has cleared path for some little and average size Indian organizations to support in the market and survive the merciless aggressive age.

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Persuasive Web Design and Its Significance in Conversions

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If we want to sum up all our marketing efforts, design and development activities, and hard work to a single goal, it’s – profit. And it comes from customers, more from loyal clientele than the buy and never come back ones.
Hence, every business, including Joomla web development companies in USA, focus on turning service seekers into permanent customers. Persuasive web design is a proven way to beautifully carry out the hardest part of this transformation journey for you.

A persuasive design helps a wanderer i.e. a first-time visitor to buy something off your website, or contact your staff regarding a service. It catches the customer’s ball (their attention) and throws it in your hand. Now it all depends on your services, the quality of your product, and your supporting staff that how well they handle it.

Facts About Conversion Rates

With keeping millions of online businesses in mind, the average conversion rate is 2.3%. The conversion rate is the percentage of how many visitors actually avail your services. Studies suggest that businesses that opted for persuasive web design, received more than 3% conversions.

How Human Brain Works

Eyes are the most sensitive sense organ of a human body. We possess visuals 50 times faster than text. Moreover, it takes on seconds to comprehend and understand an image in contrast to minutes of time required in reading out a text.

Clarity of Vision

What you want to offer to your clients should be appearing clearly. If you your image or design is simple and clear, then don’t make the text complicated. The text and image content should be simple enough so it conveys a clear message to your audience.

Reflect Your Brand

The design you use should instantly speak up about your brand. For instance, if you are all about fruits, don’t demonstrate sweets in your design. Highlight your brand, your products, your services and the benefits your customers will get with your over your competitors.

The significance of a persuasive web design for your Joomla web development company can’t be avoided. It possesses the power to turn your visits into conversions, and visitors into leads.

You might have noticed that average business website of similar niche, possess similar web design. There’s usually nothing new or exciting to distinguish among them. Hence, having a persuasive copy is nothing like creating another replica of what is already present there. It is about maintaining a balance between simplicity, strategy, and creativity.

Did You Know Why It’s Important To Have an Online Presence

Drupal web development service

If you have made up your mind for developing a professional website for your business, you are possibly aware of advantages that come with an online presence.

A business website helps you unfold all the information of your business to your customer and acts as a communication medium between you and them. Given that you are going to avail services of a proficient Drupal web development company in USA for this, we will highlight the core elements and feature a business website must comprise.

A business website is your online signature and an icon of stability and reputation of your website. Here’s the list of basic elements you need to incorporate into your website:

The Plus Points of Building a Business Website

As stated above, there couldn’t be a better way to bring your offline brand, expertise, and creativity to a broader group of audience. The more people know about your brand, the popular you become and the more leads/business you get. I have seen small street vendors having their own websites, social media channel, and emails.

Your website Should Reflect Your Vision

There are over a billion websites on the internet today. That’s one for every seventh head. You have probably scrolled hundreds among them if not thousands. But, how many of them actually got your attention? Just a handful of them right?

Hence, get your Drupal web development service to add a touch of creativity while focusing on your core vision in your website’s design.

Domain Name

If you haven’t decided on a brand name for internet yet, it’s high time you did. A few successful tips are keeping it short, unique, relevant to your business, and simple enough to remember. This will later help you in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Social Media Presence and Content

While your website is up and running, the next step is to strengthen your social media participation and to increase the quality and attractiveness of your visual and text content. However, keep the content short and unique and avoid duplicity.

If you have sufficient resources, the right amount of creativity and uniqueness, and a successful offline presence, then opting for an online presence is not an option. It’s crucial, as today or tomorrow, you would feel it.

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Pros of Hiring Mobile Application Development Company

Mobile App Development Company

These days, cell phones have turned into a need for every last person and its uses are not restricted to calling and accepting messages as opposed to reached out to different exercises, for example, talking, long range interpersonal communication, playing diversions, web based shopping, bank exchanges and so forth… Every one of these exercises are conceivable through cell phones. All these cell phones accompanies brilliant applications that make your own and expert work simple in almost no time.

Up and coming difficulties and rivalry for versatile applications for all significant OS that can be tackled with the assistance of Mobile Application Development Company. These associations give you devoted portable application engineers who create most recent applications for every single Operating System at reasonable rates. Custom portable application advancement is an immense business and many organizations offering versatile improvement administrations. Numerous enormous firms and business people employing versatile application designers from seaward administrations at moderate rates.

There are many organizations in the market that offering different versatile advancement administrations. It regards enlist a best organization which gives a total versatile application improvement answer for all working framework not to restricted stages:

  • It regards procure portable application designer from an organization which offers you finish versatile improvement answers for all major working framework, for example, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows telephone and so forth at one place and reasonable cost.

  • Companies that offering complete versatile web improvement arrangement, for example, portable diversions advancement, versatile web advancement, portable advertising administrations, and portable UI outline numerous more administration in one bundle which finishes your everything necessity. Picking proficient firms for custom portable application advancement task will make the improvement, testing, conceptualization and advertising process simple for your versatile application or versatile site.

  • Its great to employ a seaward organization that offers finish portable advancement administrations for all stages since they have finish learning and mindful of showcasing patterns and new innovations for versatile applications. In any case, it’s impractical in the event that you are choosing an organization that offering single portable application advancement for single working framework.

  • One of the significant favorable circumstances of procuring portable designer from a conclusion to end versatile specialist co-op is extremely financially savvy. These organizations offer you finish versatile applications advancement administrations whether you select a solitary stage or all stages they charge ease and will give you quick work, quality work and produce great outcomes.

Before make due with any organization it is critical to keep a few focuses in your brain while contracting a seaward versatile improvement organization:

Work Experience – It regards contract the administrations of an organization that have great experience records. Enquire about the organization and number of years has been associated with versatile application improvement. It regards judge about the organization notoriety before enlisting it administrations of any versatile application advancement organization. Organizations experience and its market notoriety assume an imperative part.

Normal Communication 24×7 – Provide customary and viable correspondence while taking a shot at venture since it fabricated a fruitful work connection amongst supplier and customer. It regards share time to time musings, suppositions, thoughts, and recommendations for better quality. Through general correspondence if customer needs to do some significant changes he can without much of a stretch passed on his prerequisites. At the point when the channels of correspondence are consistent, viable, quickly satisfy requirements of the customer on time it guarantees the great client encounter.

Concentrate on Quality – Quality of codes are essential while application advancement process. Continuously guarantee before enlisting applications improvement organization whether they give consideration for nature of codes while advancement or not. Quality code guarantees the security and well working of the product.

Check Security of Mobile Apps Development – Security of the portable applications is the essential worry for any application improvement associations. Continuously examine whether organizations receiving the security arrangements towards secure versatile applications improvement. Some critical data which can’t be approved to outsiders it needs programming security.

Comprehend your venture prerequisite – Always clear about your undertaking and its necessities previously employing application advancement organization. Additionally choose the financial plan of your venture before convey. Be that as it may, before settling the spending contrast and others organizations as well. Select those versatile application improvement organizations which create quality and best portable applications at moderate cost.

Adaptable Services – Select those organizations that giving adaptability in administrations, for example, month to month premise or hourly premise, while employing seaward versatile improvement organization since it spare your sum and give nature of work.

On the off chance that you are expecting great ROI then you need to contract a Mobile application development company who has proficient and devoted engineers for your venture. Over every one of these elements are vital while picking versatile application improvement organization.

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Apple App Store vs Google Play Store

Mobile App Development Company USA

Smartphones are trending and getting smarter with the latest features or innovations. The more advanced features are getting added, the more smartphones market is growing and expanding. However, only smartphones are not expanding, Mobile App Development Companies in USA are also expanding with it.

It is impossible to talk about smartphones and not to talk about Apple or Google because they are the two big trending brands of smartphones. We can even say that these two are running the smartphone’s market with their operating systems, devices and app stores.

Google has its Android phone with Google play store and Apple has its iPhone with Apple play store which is also known as iTunes. Both the stores have quite similar functionalities as both of them offer apps, music, videos and so on. But, there are several differences among their features and apps which we will find out here.

It is quite tricky to differentiate among these two because both are huge and on the reputed positions in the market. Apple and Google are considered as the most popular giants of the smartphone’s market and people are so crazy about their devices.

Both of them have more than 2 million mobile apps on their play stores now but there is a big history behind their achievements and we will check out that as well.

Apple launched iPhone play store in 2008 with only 500 apps and now it covers more than 2 million mobile apps. If we look at the yearly growth of the mobile apps on the Apple app store, it is somewhere around 60% which is still increasing. So, for now, the growth rate of Apple app store applications is 60% yearly.

On the other hand, Google launched the Google app store in 2008 with a few apps but these few numbers soon converted into huge numbers. Google later decided to merge its services with Google Music and Google eBookstore which was a great step.

Google has now more apps in the Google app store than Apple and it also gets more app downloads than Apple.

Being the owner of the best search engine Google app store provides the best efficiency to the google play store apps.

Google is not that famous to maintain the standard apps in the Google app store as iPhone. It has several low-quality apps in the Google app store.

The iPhone App Store runs in cellular networks and Wi-Fi which makes it accessible from everywhere. iPhone app store allows you to download any application instantly however you get a choice whether to install a paid app or a free app.

iPhone users don’t mind paying for the apps as they trust the iPhone apps quality.

iPhone app store updates the user’s about the latest updates on regular basis.

iPhone app store is very choosy in terms of app selection and it doesn’t pick any app just for the sake of picking an app. It has several criteria to pick up an app for the iPhone app store.

Therefore Apple is very sure about their service quality and it is popular to provide the best quality gaming and entertainment apps.

This increasing demand of mobile apps is developing the Mobile App Development Services business.

So this was just a rough comparison between iPhone play store and Google play store. Although both the play stores are the best at their place but, it doesn’t mean that they are error free. They do have some bugs but they are equally important and popular hence we can’t guide you with the best name among them. It’s your wish which platform you choose to download apps.

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Phishing Explained: What is it and what are the Best Ways to Shield?

Everything has its own list of advantages and disadvantages. Nothing is flawless. As the internet has made our lives easier and brought far-flung services and products to our fingers, it has also provided another path to wrongdoers to steal from others without breaking into.

Phishing today is on its all time high. And unless you don’t want to get struck by unwelcoming arrows of hackers dipped with phishing venom, you might want to take preventive measures without further ado.

Renowned Joomla web development companies in USA have recently conducted a nationwide study and found that the initiation point of more than 90% phishing attacks is emails through unknown senders.

The way evil minded scammers used to thug people’s private information, hijack their identity, and swipe their bank account out a half decade ago, has been completely changed. “You have won a Samsung lottery, claim your prize by filling out the following (bank account) information” is no longer the indication of how phishing emails go now.

Scammers have sharpened their weapons and made them stealth, hence, you should repair your shield as well. Here are some of the today’s most undetected phishing schemes hackers use:

  1. Fake Job Offer

Most desperate people are always the most vulnerable ones. Hence, long-term job seekers are often targeted. When someone in a dire need of employment finds a job-offering email, it feels like a pile of fortune.

The email usually contains an application that you would be asked to run in order to apply. As you click on the run button, your PC will get infected.

2. The Angry Customer

These types of fraudulent emails are often created to target businesses instead of an individual. The email would appear like from an angry customer extremely unsatisfied by one of your product and service.

It will contain an invoice file and the sender would ask you to open it to check. The file contains malware. Hence, Joomla web development services should check your customer records before opening such files.

3. Links from a Friend’s Social Media Account

We blindly trust the people we know. And hackers know this phenomenon well. Additionally, they exploit it to the highest level by sending malicious links from your friend’s social media account which they already have hacked. Hence, if a link appears spammy, ask your friend outside of social media if it was from him.

Just a bit of caution along with right knowledge and strategies could staggeringly help you keep your account balance, private information, and identity safe.

Mobile App Development With Successful Business Ideas

The mobile app development company and technopreneur often complain about the lack of new creative ideas. There are so many apps that are trying to keep the booming ideas from successful apps and badly failing at it. Stealing the code and style, then using it in your app doesn’t worth it. Because you can’t become successful using someone else’s formula.

Image result for Mobile App Development With Successful Business Ideas

To compare and find out the result, just grab the iStore and Play Store. Look for the famous apps and their alternatives, download and compare both the apps, you may find more features, better appearance in the alternative app, in comparison with the original one. Still, people will go for the original one.

It may seem unfair, there are still plenty of things to be done. Start thinking out of the box if you want to make your app a big hit. According to the professional’s belief, there is always common trends to be followed by every successful app.

I want to describe these common trends with a 3C theory. Every time you will follow this theory, the brain start storming.

Left the trends to choose classic

The classic and basic ideas never go out of the style. Instead of following or copying hit apps and creating “me too” app, choose the timeless classic, think beyond the imagination and come up with the out of box ideas and add your own flair to the app and make it award winning and popularity gained app.

You can have an example, look for the popular thing, how old it may become but the charm of the thing will last always. Always look at the followers and fan club, you will get the idea of what will work and what will not.

After finding endless discussions, you will find ideas for your own app. As much as you stuck with the alternative “me too” type apps. Your chance of becoming successful will be less.


Everyone looking for the change, not wanderlust. A change for betterment, which can bring better things in real world, like economical, ecological or world peace. Being a powerful tool, the field technology is working for the betterment of the real world.

The apps developed by the mobile app development companies in USA can not only charity but also works for a cause. Such things can bring the change and lead the change. Although we can use it to fight for human rights, animal rights and environmental issues and much more.

Crack real problems

Instead of dealing our day to day daily problems, you should think out of the box and fill the gap to go beyond. For this, you need to experience or find the real problems. So, try to crack the real problems and get the real fame.

3 Android App Development Services Myths Busted

Increasing demand of mobile apps have resulted in more and more Android App Development Services usa provider. Developers are indulging in creating extraordinary apps for Android platform. While this platform offers a positive chance for all businesses to have at least an Android app, there are a few myths that have got people confused.

Image result for 3 Android App Development Services Myths Busted

Firstly, this operating system is promising and a huge platform that allows room for more improvement. It lets businesses of all scale to launch their mobile application. Moreover, it allows for easy updating, because operating system itself gets updated frequently.

Usually any Android Application Development Company doesn’t face issues in building mobile app. However, there are a few myths pertaining to the development process. Before we move ahead to bust these myths, remember that this platform provides a great deal of flexibility to developers.

Myth 1: Availability of Different Platforms

There’s no denying that there are indeed several other platforms to try out. With these platforms, several distinct kinds of mobile applications get built. However, Android App Development Services are now majorly segregated into 3 categories – device cleaners, anti-viruses and battery savers.

The truth is that the popularity of these apps has greatly declined as the options for developers has become meagre. Although there are many varieties of apps that are built, but the developers are somehow bound to building apps of a few types.

Myth 2: Detriment of Development due to Open Source Options

Doesn’t matter if Android is an open source platform, it still requires the same level of hard work. Availability of open source options does not imply that app development is quick. It only means that each development task will take its own time just like it would take to build an iOS application. Although, it will lessen the development efforts, but not entirely.

Myth 3: Death of App Personalization

If you thought that Facebook, Instagram and Google, the giants of the industry were all about personalization, you are kind of on the wrong table. There is a lot of competition among Android App Development Company in USA, but the one that you can expect from your project is personalization.

It is of extreme importance to developers who now consider providing personalization. It helps in elevating the app usage experience of users and hence, personalization is seen emerging from the apps of future.

To sum it up, Android is an excellent operating system and platform to build mobile apps. It is easy and less stringent as compared to iOS or Windows and thus, helps the developers to produce exceptional mobile apps for different businesses.