6 Standout Web Designing and Development Blog You Must Follow in 2017

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Technology has made everything moving rapidly. Everything is transforming to a whole new shape and the world of web development and designing is not unattached to it. If you do want you Drupal web development company in USA to stay on the top of the pile of the heap, you might want to follow some of the brilliant programming minds.


In this article, we have enlisted the most happening blogs in the niche of development and designing you should be following right away:


1. CodeBetter

CodeBetter is stuffed with technical reviews on the conventional development and coding techniques. It suggests that a developer should aim to build up activities instead of turning them down.


2. A List Apart

This blog is dedicated to website design, development, and content management system. A large number of brilliant coders and authors are there to help you with any question that arises in your mind. The blogs are easy-to-comprehend and not so much technical.


3. Superherojs

As appears from the name, Superherojs is dedicated to JavaScript tutorials. Be it articles or informative videos, this blog is resource rich in both. There is almost a new post every other day, so you won’t be missing on the latest happenings and common JavaScript mistakes.


4. CSS Tricks

CSS empowers the process of web designing. And this blog will empower the web designer in you through countless articles on CSS as well as on other technologies. Most of the articles are written by Chris Coyier which you will find contributions by other authors as well.


5. Scott Hanselman

Scott is both a coder with a passion for writing. He uses his Microsoft programming expertise and writing competence to help the new and aspiring web developers. His focus primarily resides on how the technological advancements are affecting the world.


6. UXMyths

UXMyths lets the UX designers know about the prevailing myths in the terrain of design and enlightens them on how to replace myths with facts i.e. bad designs with good. Certainly a great resource for top Drupal website design companies in USA.


These six stunning blogs will assuredly help you with your future web development and designing projects. If you want to contribute there as a guest, you might do just that. It’s a great way to help new programmers.

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