4 Amazing Video Playing Apps on Android You Didn’t Know About

We have plenty of options when it comes to enjoying streaming videos. With YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and HotStar, we have too much to keep us busy. But what about the HD video your best friend just shared with you? Does your video player is powerful enough to seamlessly and smoothly run it?

A great many numbers of Android app development companies in USA are now developing video playing apps. Since a lot of people download them, there is a good chance to earn through in-app advertising and premium version.

Today’s smartphones already come with inbuilt potent video players. However, in some cases, these players are not just enough. While playing HD and Full HD videos, they sometimes hang or simply don’t support certain codecs.


1. All Cast

AllCast is available for free for you to download. However, the full version will cost you $5. What puts AllCast apart is its ability to send your phone’s videos to Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV and any other streaming device. It plays JPG, Gifs, and another kind of media content than just video one.

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2. AC3 Player

People who play video content frequently on their devices, that AC3 Codec is a pain in the head. Many video players still do not support AC3 Codec video formats. The ac3 player comes as a savior for this problem. It plays all video files without any hindrance.

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You can optimize the overall performance of the video through improving the frame rate and much more. It is completely free to download as it depends on in-app advertising for monetization.


3. BSPlayer

BSPlayer has been around the play store for quite a few years. Along with VLC player, it continued to rule the video player industry. It can play high load videos by using the hardware acceleration and hardware decoding. It has subtitle support and can play files from compressed formats. The full version will cost you $6.

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4. VLC

Last but not the least, VLC is the best video player app you can find out there. From creating playlists to play any kind of video content, VLC does everything for you. Moreover, it is smoother and more powerful than even your inbuilt media players.

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As we can see, even if there are profuse of apps out there, not all fully satisfy the needs of today’s users. Whether you run an Android app development service in USA or a is an app investor, investing in video playing apps is a great idea.

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